Get Informed

Finding the real truth isn’t easy with all the fake news or alternative facts around.  There are many reasons the truth gets warped including protecting brand and reputation, gaining influence and power, supporting ideology and of course making money.  These reasons distract us and allows us to justify negative social and environmental impacts.

As a result we all choose to listen and believe what reinforces our chosen beliefs, and then we surround ourselves with people with aligned views. However if your beliefs are negatively impacting another person/s or damages the environment we hope you might  reexamine these beliefs.

Below is a list of resources with views outside the mainstream.

Beware your Source

The first casualty on war is the truth

Even the most well respected of organisations can be caught peddling truths as given to them by the governments of the day. A film by war journalist John Pilger exposes the collapsing truth at times of war.