Where to begin

Any new beginning has a first step. This involves practicing new habits which over time become the new normal. Getting the basics is the foundation on which to build everything there-after. You will then be able to generate lasting positive outcomes in whatever area of your life you wish. We uncover experts and different approaches letting you find your unique path.

The basics

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Like a professional musician who has a lifelong practice of scales and arpeggios you will get the most from your own regular daily practice.


Nuture and train our mind and body

The power of breath: Christian de la Huerta at TEDxCoMo
Pranayama: Extend Your Life by Extending Your Breath | Jim Kambeitz | TEDxBismarck

Introduction to The Art of Living Foundation and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Creating a personal practice

Meditation Links

Transcendental Meditation Auckland offer free classes

Some of our favourite research and readings are listed below.

Our Emotional Intelligent Network: 6 Seconds

50 Ways Happier Healthier and more Successful People Live on their own terms

Spirituality Health

The Art of Living Foundation

To manifest new ways of living means making the familiar unfamiliar and the unfamiliar familiar. Your mind is reluctant to change so it is necessary to train and at times trick the mind into creating new habits.

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Affirmations and a few lovely quotes